3 Steps to Picking the Right Floss for Your Child

Research is out there suggesting that flossing is not necessary but Pediatric dentist, Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team recommend flossing is critical in order to keep your child’s smile as healthy as possible. There is no other way to remove food from between the teeth. Here are 3 ways to pick the right floss for your child and keep their smile healthy for a lifetime.

1.     Utilize floss that has wax. It can be difficult for your child to floss on their own, but utilizing a waxed floss can help remove food from the teeth without floss getting stuck between the teeth. Waxed floss can also help if your child has teeth that are closer together.

2.     Pick a flavored floss. While flossing may not be their favorite activity, picking a flavor that is minty can help encourage them to floss on a regular basis.

3.     Help them floss until they are 6 or 7. Your child may not have the dexterity that is needed to floss their teeth independently. Helping them can encourage them to floss, but also show your child why it is so important, and you get the added benefit of spending quality time with them.

For more information on flossing and other Tips and Tricks, contact Dr. Fuller and his dental team.


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