Beat The Heat With Healthy Treats

The summer is here, and when the kids are complaining of being hot it is easy to quickly reach in the freezer and hand them a sugar pop or ice cream. More sugar increases your child’s risk of dental decay. Increase a lot and so does their opportunity for obesity and other diseases, such as diabetes. Instead grab for a healthier treat and improve your child’s dental health. Here are a few suggested treats.

Yogurt Fruit Cups:

½ cup of fruit of your choice
Low sugar yogurt
Granola with pecans

Mix the ingredients together and stick in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to cool down treat. Then enjoy.

Yogurt Pops

1.     Ice cube tray
2.     Yogurt flavor of your choice
3.     Popsicle stick

Take the yogurt and fill up the ice cube trays. Once the yogurt is in the trays, you can put the Popsicle sticks in and place in the freezer until frozen. Try different flavors to enjoy a variety of popsicles.

Enjoy this summer by developing healthy habits.


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