5 Questions To Ask Your Pediatric Dentist

When should my child visit the dentist?
a. After the first tooth has erupted it is important for you to schedule the initial visit to the dentist. They will do an initial exam to check and see if there are any problems. They will also discuss brushing routine and any other questions you may have about your child’s care. 

 Why does the pediatric dentist recommend fluoride?
A. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel of teeth. While they get fluoride through multiple sources, you’ll want to make sure they only get the recommended amount.

How frequently should I change my child’s toothbrush?
A. Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller says, “Their toothbrush should be changed every three to six months just as you would do for your own,.” This ensures the bristles are able to do their job. 

Bacteria can stay in the bristles, so changing this often prevents germs from getting the upper hand.
What should I do if my child hits their teeth?
A. If there is no damage or bleeding, then they are probably okay and nothing further is needed. “If their gums are swollen, bleeding, they lose a tooth, or are complaining of pain you’ll want to schedule an appointment,” states Dr. Fuller

Are baby teeth significant?
A. Yes, they are very important. They hold the place for adult teeth to grow in properly. Baby's teeth allow a child to eat and speak correctly.  


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