X-Rays, What You Need To Know:

There are numerous reasons why a pediatric dentist may recommend x-rays for your child.  For example, he might want to see how the permanent teeth are developing or determine if decay is impacting your child’s mouth. How often radiographs are  recommended depends on your child’s overall dental history.  Children who are at high risks for dental decay, such as children that lack adequate brushing and flossing practices or who have a sweet tooth may require x-rays more often than others. Another reason for x-rays is if your child has had an unfortunate injury to their jaw or teeth. When this happens they may require x-rays a few appointments in a row in order to determine how the injury is healing.

No matter how often your child is in need of x-rays, the team at Pediatric Dentistry of Redlands and Associates will do everything they can to make the process as easy as possible for your child. For example, your child will be draped in a lead apron in order to protect the rest of their body from any unnecessary exposure. Utilizing digital technologies also means less radiation exposure.

Dr. Cameron Fuller’s team is expert in the area of taking x-rays. They will quickly place the film in correct locations in order to get the correct picture to decrease the amount of time your child is in the chair.   

Call Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team for more specific information on x-rays before the holiday season is in full swing.


  1. Dentists always use the minimum amount of radiation necessary when creating x-ray images, but they use even less with children. This is not just a safety precaution; it is also practical. Children have thinner, less dense bones, and less radiation is needed. drjamiekaukinen.com


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