What Is Your Teen Hiding?

Are you worried that your teen is keeping things from you? While this can be a difficult time of childhood for children, their smile can help reveal if there is something more than teenage angst going on with them. Here are 4 common things to look for with their smile if you suspect that something more may be going on with them.

1.     23% of teens use a tobacco product. If your teen is smoking they may begin to have signs of yellow plaque that builds up on their teeth. Their gums may appear puffy and red and they may bleed when they are brushing or flossing their teeth.  Or when they get close to you they smell like mouthwash. Many teens attempt to use mouthwash to cover up the smell on their breath.
2.     Drug use is another common problem these days among teens. If they are using you may see an increase in cavities, their teeth, depending on what drugs they are using and how often, may become brittle and break or chip. They may have a higher rate of cavities and have stains on their teeth.
3.     Bulimia can cause teeth erosion because of the acids in the stomach. You may also see signs that their teeth are cracked or chipped. Excessive dry lips or bad breath due to dry mouth can be noticeable when standing close to your child.

If your child has any of these signs or symptoms, Dr. Fuller and his team recommend that you get help. For more information contact Dr. CameronFuller and his team today.


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