Why Do Your Children Avoid Flossing?

Do you spend hours listening to the excuses of why your children do not floss every night? You know this is not new information. You may even tell your children to floss every night and after eating breakfast but what you find is that no matter how often you say it, your children avoid flossing. So, what can you do about it? And why are they avoiding this important dental practice? Here are a couple of the common reasons kids avoid flossing and how you can help them overcome these reasons.

Excuse #1: There is no reason.
            While your children may not see the immediate positive result of flossing, they will begin to see the negative impact if time goes on. Taking time to show them a video or a picture of someone who does not floss may help them see the importance. You may also want to take a photo of their gums after a few days of not flossing to help them see the before and after photos.
Excuse #2: “I don’t do it right.”
            If your child feels they are not correctly flossing spend some time showing them how to get the floss in between each of their teeth. Also, the next time they go to the dentist when they are having their teeth flossed, have them use a mirror to watch when the dental assistant flosses their teeth.

Don’t take risks with their smile. Flossing is one of the keys to their health.
For more information on how to help your children get behind flossing, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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