Improve Your Children’s Smile!

Whether your child is 4 or 17 they still need your guidance. Helping to support their dental habits can ensure they have the smile that will last a lifetime.. The dental habits they develop as a kid will be the habits that follow them for lifetime. Here are 5 ways you can help improve your children’s smile.

1.     Have them pick out their own toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. This is a great way to keep them invested in their smile.
2.     Provide them healthy food options. Eating high levels of carbohydrates can cause dental problems while enjoying fruits and vegetables can remove food from their teeth in between brushing and flossing sessions.
3.     Taking them to the dentist 2x a year. It is important to not skip dental visits.
4.     Get problems fixed immediately. If their gums are bleeding, schedule that dental appointment. If they have a cracked, broken or decayed tooth, don’t let the problem get worse.
5.     With younger children, you will need to help them brush in order for them to get the back of their teeth. When they are older, playing music and making brushing time fun can help develop a healthy habit.

Don’t assume your children will automatically take care of their smile. For more information on improving your children’s smile, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.


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