Why Does My Child Grind Their Teeth?

Does your child grind their teeth at night or during the day? Grinding their teeth can cause jaw problems but if not treated it can also cause cracked or broken teeth. As they chomp down and grind the teeth together it puts a ton of pressure on the jaw. Over time, the jaw muscle can hurt, making it difficult for your child to consume the foods they love. Here are three reasons your child may grind their teeth and ways to help.

1.     Stress is the number one cause of grinding. Reducing the amount of stress in your child’s life and having more fun can improve this habit.
2.     There is a correlation between children impacted by mouth breathing or sleep apnea and grinding. If your child is a mouth breather or impacted by sleep apnea, you may want to have them evaluated by a dentist in order to determine a course of action.
3.     Some medications can cause teeth grinding such as anti-depressants. If your child is taking medication and impacted by grinding it may be important to get a mouth guard they can wear at night in order to reduce the impact of grinding.

Research shows that 80% of children grind their teeth and that it is more common than expected. While a little grinding may not impact your child in the long run, if it is causing pain or cracked teeth, contact Dr. Fuller’s office for options.


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