Do You Have Your Warm Weather Gear?

Spring is here and the weather is warmer, but do you have everything you need to keep your child’s smile healthy when you’re out in the sun? While a quick trip to the store may not seem like a big deal, the longer they go where they have dry mouth the more likely bacteria is growing, causing cavities. Keep an extra bottle of water in your purse or sugar free gum for older children to help prevent dry mouth. The longer your child’s mouth is dry and they are impacted by dehydration the more opportunity there is for bacteria to strike.

Adding a small snack of fruit or vegetables such as watermelon or cucumbers can also help to replenish their thirst before it is too late. If you don’t want a plastic container that can spill in your purse, cut some fruit up and throw it in their water for an extra bonus.  These extra nutrients can remove any carbohydrates they may have had for lunch that are stuck to their teeth and it helps to provide extra saliva and moisture to a dry mouth. Dr. Fuller recommends keeping a few bottles of cold water in your fridge or freezer that is easy to grab on your way out the door.

For more information on how to keep your child’s smile healthy this summer contact Dr.Cameron Fuller & his team today.


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