Why Aren’t More People Talking About Lip Ties?

Thousands of babies are impacted every year by lip and tongue tie problems. When your baby is first born and you are searching for possible problems when breastfeeding, you may become depressed, think that it is a problem with you. But it may not genuinely be a problem with your body or with you at all. Lip ties can create an inability for your baby to latch on when breastfeeding. Even though this is a problem that thousands of babies face, doctors often miss this until there are months of frustrations and eventually you may even give up on breastfeeding altogether.

Lip and tongue ties can be hard to diagnose. There is a natural tie that should occur between the lip and the gums. “This piece of skin should be thick but should allow natural movement in the mouth when your baby attempts to latch on,” explains Dr. Fuller. Determining whether your babies lip tie is too tight or is too thick can be difficult to see. Some doctors may want you to wait to see if it corrects itself.

But if you’re struggling to breastfeed, there is no reason to wait. Contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team today for more information on Lip and Tongue Tie laser procedures.


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