What Is Your Child’s Smile Telling You?

Looking in your child’s mouth can share intricate details not only about their overall health but the health of their smile. When our smiles are not in great shape it can cause problems in the rest of the body. By taking care of decay, dental pain, broken or chipped teeth you ensure your child is the healthiest they can be. Here are 3 problems you may see or smell that let you know you need to visit the dentist.

1.     If your child is plagued with bad breath, even after they brush, this signifies there is something more going on. While it may be something as simple as changing up the diet, halitosis in children may mean they have decay that when not treated could lead to other problems. Halitosis is sometimes caused when your child has a foreign object lodged in their nose which then drains into their mouth. Dr. Fuller says, “If your child has bad breath and there doesn’t seem to be other dental concerns, this might be something to consider further.”
2.     Chipped and broken teeth are not common in most children. If they are struggling with this problem they may be grinding their teeth due to stress, or the enamel on their teeth may be weaker due to other problems. Either way, this is something that should be looked at further.
3.     Discoloration of their teeth. Black, brown or gray spots on the teeth can mean tooth decay. This is caused by sugar being on the teeth too long or not brushing properly. Without brushing and flossing, food is left behind where it mixes with bacteria and eventually turns into decay.

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