2 Ways That Stress Can Damage Your Child’s Smile

Your little one can be impacted by the stress around them. While decreasing the stress in their life is critical to helping them be successful and decreasing problems later on.  Stress not only impacts their bodies, but it can also impact their smile. Here are five ways stress can damage their smile permanently.

When your child grinds their teeth in response to stress, it can cause broken or cracked teeth. The constant grinding of teeth against teeth can wear down the enamel on the teeth and cause them to eventually break.

“Grinding of the teeth in response to stress puts extra pressure on the jaw,” says Dr. Fuller.  The pressure on the jaw can cause your child trouble eating and chewing food.  In order to decrease the problem, it is important to find out why your child is feeling stressed and then helping them to deal with the stress.

Stress not only impacts your child’s jaw, teeth, and smile, but it can damage their overall health. The longer that your child is impacted by stress, the more damage that can be caused. If you’re noticing your child grinding their teeth, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team today for options.


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