Your Teenager

Our teenager’s dental needs are unique because their bodies are changing. But their dental needs are no less important than younger children. While they are fiercely independent and brushing and flossing can seem like another power struggle among many, the dental habits they develop today can impact them for a lifetime.

1.     Brush and floss your own teeth regularly. “The more they see you setting the example, the more they will understand and internalize the importance of it,” says Dr. Fuller. While they may appear to be ignoring you, teens admit one of their role models is their parent.

2.     By a toothbrush and toothpaste they like. We are more likely to complete a task if it is something that we enjoy doing. Dr.Cameron Fuller suggests, “If the toothbrush is babyish or not one that seems appropriate, it may prevent them from enjoying the experience.”

3.     Set a consistent routine. The more routine things can be for our teenagers, the more likely they are to complete the important task of oral care. Reminding them to brush and floss at the same time everyday can help instill the importance of this habit.

4.     Purchase floss that is easy for them to use. If your teenager has braces they may need different floss in order to remove food between the braces and still keep their smile healthy.

Dr. Fuller & his team can help reiterate to your teens the importance of brushing and flossing. Schedule your teen’s visit today so they can talk to the teeth experts.


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