3 Reasons Why Your Pediatric Dentist May Recommend Braces For Your Teen

You may be thinking that every pediatric dentist recommends braces when a child reaches their teenage years. That’s not the case. But in many instances, braces can mean the difference between a healthy smile and a smile that causes problems for your teen later down the line. Here are three reasons why Dr. CameronFuller may recommend braces. 

One of the reasons your teen may need braces is called malocclusion. This occurs when the bottom and upper jaw are different sizes. Your teen may have a bite that causes the teeth not to fit correctly when put together. Misalignment of the jaw can lead to pain when chewing, cracked or broken teeth. 
If your teen has crowded teeth it can create difficulties in flossing leaving food stuck between the teeth leading to decay. Braces can help realign the teeth to prevent them from overlapping. This means there will be plenty of space between the to floss and clean, but not too much.

Crooked teeth, while it may seem only a cosmetic problem it, in fact, can lead to bigger problems later. Crooked teeth may not allow the jaw to close properly causing jaw pain, cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Braces can help realign the teeth. 
If your teen is impacted by any of these problems, contact Dr. Fuller and his team today.  


  1. When I was a teen I was lucky enough to receive braces. I think it's crazy that people denied braces when they were kids as to why they did that is beyond me. I was extremely happy to get braces as a kid, they were truly the best things I received. http://kurrihappytooth.com.au/general-dentistry/kids-teeth/


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