Help! My teen won't floss. 4 Ways To Encourage Flossing

1. Provide floss in a flavor they like
         a. Your teen will find lots of things to argue with you about, don’t let flossing and healthy habits be one of them. Find a flavor of floss they really like to encourage healthy habits without having to nag them to do it. "If you find they have asked for a flavor but still are not using it, encourage them to go to the store with you in order to pick out the kind they like," states Dr. Cameron Fuller.

   2. Providing floss holders that make it easier
            a. Floss holders have a plastic handle that the floss wraps around and creates a longer handle for teens to get the floss inside their mouth, which also allows for teens to reach back teeth. They come in multiple colors and different sizes in order to fit in your teen’s mouth easier. 
   3. Pediatric dentist Dr. Fuller suggests you, "keep floss holders in areas that are convenient - not just the bathroom."
            a. Your teen may need to floss after eating. Keep floss handles on hand in multiple rooms that encourage your teen to reach for the floss when they need it, not just at night or in the morning. The easier and more convenient for them it is, the more likely you are to get the result you want.

   4. Flossing prevents decay between the teeth and so can reduce the need for fillings
            a. Providing the facts to your teen can sometimes encourage the behavior we want to see. Tell them why they need to floss without attempting to scare them. You may also have the dentist talk to them about the importance, sometimes it is easier for them to listen to someone that is not their mom.


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