Dental Care for Children With Special Needs

All children require dental care at least through routine dental cleanings. However, if you have a child with special needs it may be more difficult for them to sit in the dental chair. They may have a fear of the dentist, or fear of instruments and injections. Unfortunately, some disabilities leave children more susceptible to extreme cases of decay. This is a cause for concern, because children with extreme cases of decay run the risk of other negative consequences, for example, inflammation in the mouth and cavities, left untreated, can lead to abscesses which lead to a higher level of dental care needed.

Cavities continue to get worse over time. It is unfortunate but cavities do not have a chance of getting better without treatment. Your child can’t afford to have decay left in their mouth untreated.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team will work to help your child feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment. They are skilled professionals who work with children all day long to create a comfortable, safe environment. If these strategies don’t work, there are alterative options in order to help your child experience calm during their procedure.

Being at the dentist shouldn’t elicit an extreme emotional reaction in your child. You want them to enjoy being at the dentist to encourage positive and healthy habits once they leave.


  1. This is a great initiative, dental healthcare is one of the most expensive treatments. This is the precise reason there is an increase in dental medical tourism specially in India. I came across this video of where a patient from USA shares her experience at Dentzz Review. Happy smiling :)


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