Importance Of Sealants

Sealants are a thin plastic covering that helps protect the grooves of your child’s teeth. You may wonder why the pediatric dentist is recommending putting sealants on your child’s baby teeth, especially because they are going to fall out any way. Sealants are important because these baby teeth hold the place for the permanent teeth. Therefore, you do not want their teeth to fall out sooner than expected or to be extracted due to extensive decay.
Sealants should be placed on molars and premolars due to the fact that there are deep grooves in these teeth, called “fissures.” The grooves on the teeth can trap food and be difficult for your children to remove all of the food from the surface. The longer that food stays on the teeth the higher risk your child has of decay.  While the molars and premolars are recommended, your dentist may also recommend placing sealants on the chewing surfaces of other teeth. 

There is no time like the present to have your child’s teeth checked and for sealants to be placed. You do not want to wait to have your child develop a cavity and then attempt to fix it, because cavities cause more pain, can cost more money and may mean more days missed from school. Prevention is the most important way to keep your child’s smile healthy. While sealants do not replace brushing and flossing, they do allow for an extra preventative measure to ensure a decreased amount of cavities when paired with other health choices.


  1. This article was very helpful, I was never really sure why my kids needed sealants every time they went to the dentist. After reading this article I now understand. Baby teeth are so much more susceptible to cavities than permanent teeth so that is why it is important for children to get sealants.

    1. Hello Kristen,
      Thank you for stopping by. Your right it is important for your children to have sealants. It is important to understand why your child is in need of sealants in order to make an informed decision.

  2. Great information shared. Thanks for this information about sealants. Will talk about this to my dentist Torrance who is our family doctor. Will take my son to visit him and will ask for if it can be possible for my kid too. He will be soon turning 2.


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