Laser surgery verus scissors for maxillary frenum

Your child has an appointment for frenum surgery now what?

You have visited the cheerful and supportive team at Pediatric Dentistry of Redlands and Associates and Dr. Fuller has suggested laser surgery to take care of your child’s maxillary frenum or tongue-tie. The laser he uses is a carbon dioxide laser. There is little to no bleeding when a laser is used versus scissors. Scissors can be very painful for the patient. When scissors are used the site bleeds and usually requires sutures.
Using a laser reduces the side effects, including pain, swelling, sutures, overall bleeding and reduces the recovery time. This procedure also requires your child to be in the chair for a shorter amount of time, because the wound can be cauterized. A two-day baby up to a one-year old may not lie still while the dentist and their team completes a long procedure in their mouth.  This is why Dr. Cameron Fuller is very happy about technology advancements in laser surgery for frenums.
While placing sutures in the mouth may not lead to a large scarring, a laser due to its ability to be more precise when cutting the area necessary, has a smaller amount of scar tissue.   The laser sends pulses towards the area without actually touching the actual skin.  This procedure usually takes only five to ten minutes to complete. With healing noticeable within the first few days and completely healed, according to Dr. Fuller within ten days.
Laser surgery is the safest and best way to handle frenum’s according to the team at Pediatric Dentistry of Redlands and Associates.


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